Ongoing Projects

The following list provides a few examples of ongoing work supported by Shakti in the area of energy and climate action.

S.No Sector Project Description
1. Power – Energy Access
  • Action plan for off-grid distributed renewable energy based rural electrification for Uttar Pradesh, and development of supportive policy and regulatory interventions
  • Informing the national off-grid policy and integrating mini-grid solutions with the utility grid
  • Development of a renewable energy based mini grid regulation for Odisha
  • Pilots for establishing the technical and commercial feasibility of grid-interconnectivity and developing grid-interactivity specifications for RE based mini-grid projects
  • Policy design and Implementation support for India’s solar pumps programme at national and state Level, using a survey and impact assessment based approach
  • Institutionalization of training in financial institutions, through Training of Trainers (ToT) for renewable energy financing in rural areas
  • Enhancing access to finance for clean energy access
2. Power- Renewable Energy
  • Integrating renewable energy modelling with power sector planning
  • India’s Renewable Electricity Roadmap Initiative – Developing a costs and benefits sharing framework
  • Assessment of cost and benefits of other energy resources vis-a-vis renewables
  • Implementation road map for renewable energy backed electric public transport system for Bangalore and Kolkata
  • Supporting the India Innovation Lab for Green Finance
3. Power- Electric Utilities
  • Working towards effective regulatory decision making in the Electricity sector
  • Developing and implementing innovative mechanisms for electricity subsidy delivery to the agriculture sector
  • Developing an Impact Evaluation Guide for End use Efficiency Program
  • Periodic information dissemination on Energy Efficiency and Demand Side Management (DSM) activities
  • Designing cost reflective and simple electricity tariff frameworks
4. Energy Efficiency – Industry
  • Establishment of an energy efficient motor rewinding center at the MSME cluster in Faridabad
  • Facilitating energy efficiency in the Indian Railways
  • Advancing Energy Efficiency in the Micro, Small and Medium Enterprises (MSME) sector in India
  • Develop a policy roadmap to advance Energy Efficiency (EE) in the Micro, Small, and Medium Enterprises (MSMEs) in a coordinated manner
  • Policy Dialogue for an Energy Efficient India – 2030
  • Designing Energy Efficiency initiatives through supply-chain for MSMEs in India
  • Design and demonstrate an ESCO business model to promote energy efficient electric motors in Chemical industries in Gujarat
  • Developing a Web Tool for Energy Efficiency (EE) / Energy Conservation Measures (ECMs) for the Micro, Small & Medium Enterprises (MSMEs)
  • Estimation of baseline energy consumption in 4 industrial sectors in India – in support of the BEE-PAT program
  • Designing an Energy Efficiency Insurance Product Facilitate Development of Framework to Promote Alternate Fuel Utilization in India: Phase 3
5. Energy Efficiency – Buildings and Appliances
  • Developing a framework for using electricity consumption data to drive energy efficiency in the residential sector
  • Practical guide book for implementing smart and green energy projects in existing high rise residential apartments
  • Building a coalition of civil society organisations for concerted stakeholder action on energy efficient space cooling
  • A diagnostic study of the energy efficiency potential of IoT in India
  • Advancing Buildings Energy Efficiency in India 2017-18
  • Conducting Rapid Assessment for District Energy Systems (DES) in Indian cities
  • Developing recommendations for notifying commercial buildings as Designated Consumers
  • Developing effective communication materials and roll out strategies on the Standards and Labelling programme for the appliance retailers
  • Integrating buildings energy efficiency into architecture and engineering academic curricula – Phase II
6. Transport
  • Bus Karo: A forum for public transport policy advocacy and knowledge sharing, WRI
  • Enabling reforms in municipal auditing practices towards raising green bonds for sustainable urban transport
  • Sustainable Urban Mobility Network (SUMNet) : Community engagement for sustainable Urban Mobility, Parisar
  • Technical assistance for supporting Sustainable Urban transport & Built Environment in four Indian Smart Cities, ICLEI-SA
  • Capacity Building of STU’s on Electric Buses for Urban Mobility, UITP
  • Development of Green vehicle rating program for 2-wheelers and 3-wheelers in India, AEEE
  • Developing a Standards and Labelling program for tyres in Passenger car vehicles and Heavy Duty Vehicles , PwC
  • Developing strategies to increase share of Indian Railways in National Freight Movement, TERI
7. Climate Policy
  • Assess the human health and agricultural co-benefits of a low carbon development pathway for India
  • Supporting activities of GHG Platform India – Year 2
  • Supporting the activities of India GHG Programme – Year 4
  • Supporting compliance with Bihar State Pollution Control Board’s (BSPCB) cleaner brick production directive for the Patna region
  • Capacity Building for Accessing Finance for State Mitigation Actions
  • Supporting the implementation of the new thermal power plant emission standards
  • Supporting the development of standards for natural refrigerants in India
  • Interpreting the Transparency Framework under the Paris Agreement and its implications for India

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