Ongoing Projects

The following list provides a few examples of ongoing work supported by Shakti in the area of energy and climate action.

S.No Sector Project Description
1. Power – Energy Access
  • Action plan for off-grid distributed renewable energy based rural electrification for Uttar Pradesh, and development of supportive policy and regulatory interventions
  • Informing the national off-grid policy and integrating mini-grid solutions with the utility grid
  • Development of a renewable energy based mini grid regulation for Odisha
  • Pilots for establishing the technical and commercial feasibility of grid-interconnectivity and developing grid-interactivity specifications for RE based mini-grid projects
  • Policy design and Implementation support for India’s solar pumps programme at national and state Level, using a survey and impact assessment based approach
  • Institutionalization of training in financial institutions, through Training of Trainers (ToT) for renewable energy financing in rural areas
  • Enhancing access to finance for clean energy access
2. Power- Renewable Energy
  • Integrating renewable energy modelling with power sector planning
  • India’s Renewable Electricity Roadmap Initiative – Developing a costs and benefits sharing framework
  • Assessment of cost and benefits of other energy resources vis-a-vis renewables
  • Implementation road map for renewable energy backed electric public transport system for Bangalore and Kolkata
  • Supporting the India Innovation Lab for Green Finance
3. Power- Electric Utilities
  • Working towards effective regulatory decision making in the Electricity sector
  • Developing and implementing innovative mechanisms for electricity subsidy delivery to the agriculture sector
  • Developing an Impact Evaluation Guide for End use Efficiency Program
  • Periodic information dissemination on Energy Efficiency and Demand Side Management (DSM) activities
  • Designing cost reflective and simple electricity tariff frameworks
4. Energy Efficiency
  • Developing a framework for using electricity consumption data to drive energy efficiency in the residential sector
  • Practical guide book for implementing smart and green energy projects in existing high rise residential apartments
  • Assessing energy saving potential of codes implementation in cities and low energy cooling practices
  • Building a coalition of civil society organisations for concerted stakeholder action on energy efficient space cooling
  • Establishment of an energy efficient motor rewinding center at the MSME cluster in Faridabad
  • Development of energy efficiency strategy for the SME sector in India
  • Energy efficiency policy roadmap for Indian Railways (Non-Traction)
  • Facilitating energy efficiency in the Indian Railways
5. Transport
  • Bus Karo:  A forum for public transport policy advocacy and knowledge sharing
  • Enabling reforms in municipal auditing practices towards raising green bonds for sustainable urban transport
  • Implementation roadmap for electrification of public transport modes in Bangalore and Kolkata
6. Climate Policy
  • Assess the human health and agricultural co-benefits of a low carbon development pathway for India
  • Determining the business case for the Indian industry to adopt carbon pricing

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Energy Efficiency
Climate Policy
  • Policy research

    India must progress its climate actions in harmony with achieving its development priorities. A wide spectrum of policy choices are available, however, their institutional, financial and technical implications as well as trade-offs and co-benefits need to be thoroughly evaluated and understood so that policymakers are able take informed decisions.>>

  • Policy analysis to inform India’s position on an HFC phase down agreement

    At Kigali, India displayed leadership and flexibility by announcing several important measures to phase down HFCs. Given this important development, Shakti is supporting several efforts to enable a more informed policy discourse on this transition.>>

  • Brick kilns & resource efficient materials

    Shakti supports efforts to promote cleaner technologies by brick makers and to enhance the market penetration of cleaner and resource efficient building materials.>>

  • International climate negotiations

    A close tracking of international climate negotiations is essential to assess their implications for India. For this, Shakti supports activities to track international climate deliberations and inform decision makers on the actions that India should take to effectively deliver on its climate commitments.>>

  • Improving finance for clean energy access in India

    Shakti commissioned this program to improve access to capital for Decentralized Renewable Energy (DRE) enterprises in India.>>