Who we are

Shakti Sustainable Energy Foundation was established in 2009 to support India's developmental and energy security objectives. We work towards facilitating India's transition to a sustainable energy future by promoting policies that encourage renewable energy, energy efficiency and sustainable urban transport.

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India. The world largest democracy. A population of 1.2 billion, almost a third of whom have little or no access to energy. Rapid urbanization is placing a burden on India’s infrastructure, energy consumption and public services. The country is facing a critical challenge: how to provide millions of Indians with reliable, affordable, secure access to energy in a sustainable manner.

The new government us putting greater emphasis on growing the Indian economy in more sustainable ways. An investment of over INR 7,000 crores in the first year for the planning of 100 Smart Cities has already been announced. There are plans to install 100 GW of solar power by 2022. Other critical energy policies and programmes have been rolled out. Access to energy has become a critical focus for the government.

At Shakti, we aim to support these commitments by driving transformative solutions to India’s energy challenges.

Shakti works collaboratively with national, state and local decision-makers to craft sound energy policies to build India’s new energy economy. We bring together experts from every sector — industry, academia, law, finance, civil society, think tanks, and more — to drive this change. We have a reputation for meticulous research and analysis, and provide policy makers with concrete, specific, and practical policy recommendations for an energy secure future.

The energy choices that India makes in the coming years will be of profound importance. Meaningful policy action on India’s energy challenges will strengthen national security, create jobs and keep our environment clean.

Our Approach:

  • We believe robust policy frameworks are necessary for large scale, transformative change.
  • We bring together experts from government (national, state and local decision makers), business , civil society and academia to craft robust policies.
  • We evaluate the results of our own work rigorously, measuring success using clear metrics based on quantifiable clean energy contributions.
  • We work through cross sectoral strategies with the goal of achieving synergistic results and broad impact
  • We emphasise strategic communications to expand our impact and reach.