Improving finance for clean energy access in India

Sector Access To Energy
Undertaken By Intellecap Advisory Services Pvt. Ltd.
Undertaken By base All India
Year 2017

Shakti commissioned this program to improve access to capital for Decentralized Renewable Energy (DRE) enterprises in India. The program is using a multifold approach to improve access to finance for DRE enterprises in India and includes: provision of technical assistance services to DRE enterprises and financial institutions, designing of an alternate financing facility and a framework to monitor and evaluate the financial performance, operating performance and impact achieved by the DRE enterprises.

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  • Alternate financing facility for energy access in India
  • This report provides a detailed analysis of the financing needs of off-grid enterprises across various stages and business models, taking into account the needs of important stakeholders such as off-grid energy access enterprises, product manufacturers, and micro and minigrid players. The report also presents the challenges faced by enterprises in raising capital from the traditional source of finance sources and highlights the need for alternate financing facilities. In an attempt to close this gap, the report draws upon international research and intensive stakeholder analysis, to design and present alternate financing solutions for off-grid enterprises.

  • Monitoring & Evaluation Framework for off-grid enterprises in India
  • The lack of performance data from enterprises can lead to incomplete evaluation by financing institutions. This, in turn, leads to limited capital being unlocked for off-grid enterprises. To overcome these challenges, this report analyses the gaps in evaluating and monitoring performance, and also presents a comprehensive tool for Monitoring & Evaluation (M&E) framework for the off-grid sector. It also provides information regarding the approach to be followed for development of a M&E tool and handbook.

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