Policy research on phasing down the consumption and production of HFCs in India

Sector Climate Policy
Undertaken By Council on Energy, Environment and Water
Undertaken By base All India
Year 2017

Shakti supports policy research on technology, regulatory, cost and market related challenges and opportunities to phase down the consumption and production of HFCs and promote use of HFC alternatives. Additionally, support is extended for convening key stakeholders to build consensus on policy interventions and develop a conducive policy environment that assists the transition to HFC alternatives.

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  • Promoting Low-GwP Refrigerants through Public Procurement
  • This policy brief highlights the role of public procurement and its importance in promoting climate-friendly refrigerants in the public sector in India, particularly through the example of low-Global Warming Potential (GWP) refrigerant ACs.

  • Developing an Ecosystem to Phase Out HFCs in India
  • This report highlights the relevance of, and presents an institutional design for, a dedicated multi-stakeholder research and development platform to address India’s domestic concerns and to meet its international commitments for the phasing out of HFCs.

  • Can India’s Air Conditioning Service Sector Turn Climate Friendly?
  • The air-conditioning service sector is important not only from the perspective of reducing HFC emissions during servicing, but also from the perspective of maintaining energy efficiency of the equipment and ensuring safe operation of the equipment. This study was done to understand the present state of the AC servicing sector, to assess the level of skill and knowledge of the technicians about Good Services Practices (GSPs) to reduce refrigerant leakages, and to provide a foundation for future policy decisions.

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