Roadmap for improving city bus systems in India

Sector Systems and Planning
Undertaken By Delhi Integrated Multi Modal Transit Systems (DIMTS)
Undertaken By base All India
Year 2015

City bus systems are at various levels of performance in terms of their operational, planning and management practices. While some cities have not been able to operate the entire fleet available with them, other cities are using advanced information technology based systems to optimise their operations and manage the fleet. Also, bus operations in all cities are challenged by the lack of adequate supporting infrastructure like bus stops, terminals, depots and lack of trained man power. A wide range of interventions are required to improve the overall performance of city bus systems. We have supported efforts to identify the key challenges faced by various bus operating agencies, and develop a roadmap for improving their performance.

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  • Roadmap for improving city bus systems in India
  • The report presents a detailed analysis of existing practices and challenges faced by operating agencies in 12 cities of varying population size, geographical location and type of the city bus system. Recommendations are proposed in six key intervention areas: i) strategic planning, ii) technology improvement, iii) operational processes, iv) bus transport infrastructure, v) institutional and contracting frameworks and vi) funding and implementation. Each recommendation under these intervention areas is accompanied by the timelines for adoption and implementation, the resource requirements and institutional roles and responsibilities.

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