The Industry sector accounts for 40% of the country's total energy consumption. Introducing energy efficient processes in industries and other energy saving measures can bring about considerable savings for the country.

Our team works in support of India's Perform Achieve and Trade (PAT) scheme, which is the Industry initiative of National Mission on Enhanced Energy Efficiency. Phase 1 of the PAT scheme was rolled out in April 2012. In preparation of this phase, we extended knowledge support to the Bureau of Energy Efficiency in developing baselines; facilitating the development of M&V protocols; upgrading data reporting systems of designated consumers; and preparing technology compendiums for various subsectors. Our team is now working to support the smooth rollout of Phase 1 of PAT, and also widening the scope of PAT to include more sectors in its subsequent phases.

Apart from this, we actively partner with industry and key industry associations on subsector specific interventions towards energy conservation and improvements in industrial energy efficiency.

Electric Utilities
While India continues to add generation capacity, the gap between demand and supply remains wide. A major reason for this chasm is unchecked demand.
Renewable Energy
Poverty eradication and growth needs energy. The Planning Commission estimates that our generation capacity will have to increase by seven times the present figure to meet our growth needs.
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Energy Efficiency
Climate Policy
Renewables to cut Indian telcos' diesel addiction

Government nominated renewable energy sources to be used in the country's half a million mobile towers--which consume over five billion liters of diesel fuel each year >> |  08 March 2013
Over 50,000 jobs created by renewable energy sector in last three years

The new and renewable energy sector is estimated to have created over 50,000 direct jobs in the last three years. The job creation has taken place in off-grid and other applications of the sector, according to information made available by the ministry of new and renewable >>

The Times of India |  06 March 2013