Systems and Planning

The urban population in India has increased from 62 million in 1951 to 285 million in 2001 and is estimated to grow to around 590 million by 2030. Transportation infrastructure, the key to any urban economy, is also slated to grow at a related pace. This can result in a huge demand on our energy reserves and therein is the case for the states to have their own State Urban Transport Policies (SUTPs) based on principles of sustainable transportation.

These principles aim to reduce travel time and pollution by focusing on good alternatives to private vehicles. A State Urban Transport Policy will ensure that all cities within the state follow the principles of sustainable transport and give scale to the implementation of such projects.

To facilitate the creation of SUTPs, the Shakti programme is focusing on the development and adoption of State Urban Transport Policies and creating an enabling environment at the national level through instruments such as the Jawaharlal Nehru National Urban Renewal mission (JNNURM), National Urban Transport Policy (NUTP) and National Mission on Sustainable Habitats (NMSH). The programme is also demonstrating sustainability principles through city level pilots and supporting the creation of a strong implementing environment.

Electric Utilities
While India continues to add generation capacity, the gap between demand and supply remains wide. A major reason for this chasm is unchecked demand.
Renewable Energy
Poverty eradication and growth needs energy. The Planning Commission estimates that our generation capacity will have to increase by seven times the present figure to meet our growth needs.
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Energy Efficiency
Climate Policy
Renewables to cut Indian telcos' diesel addiction

Government nominated renewable energy sources to be used in the country's half a million mobile towers--which consume over five billion liters of diesel fuel each year >> |  08 March 2013
Over 50,000 jobs created by renewable energy sector in last three years

The new and renewable energy sector is estimated to have created over 50,000 direct jobs in the last three years. The job creation has taken place in off-grid and other applications of the sector, according to information made available by the ministry of new and renewable >>

The Times of India |  06 March 2013