The Promise Of Mini Grids

In a collaborative effort, Shakti and the Clean Energy Access Network (CLEAN) contributed an article on renewable energy-based mini grids to Smart Power India’s July 2016 newsletter. Decentralised Renewable Energy (DRE) is an important last- mile intervention that has immense potential to meet India’s electricity needs. DRE- based micro and mini grid solutions offer a number of technical and economic benefits- low gestation periods, reasonable size and economy, capacity to supply to domestic as well as enterprise loads, and the ability to interact with the utility grid.

But while several promising developments have been made in the mini grid space, stakeholders are faced with significant challenges as they try to scale their impact. How can technical and operational challenges be addressed? How does the regulatory and planning process allow for smooth integration of DRE into the grid? How can high quality energy services be provided at affordable prices? How will DRE interventions be financed? The complexity of these challenges mean that a wide network of stakeholders including ESCOs, financial institutions must work together and respond appropriately. Read the article here.