Low-Carbon Development

Pursuing a low carbon development pathway provides a growth paradigm that will enable India to achieve its development aspirations while responding to the threat of climate change. With the ratification of the Paris Agreement, India aims to reduce and manage greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions to achieve its Nationally Determined Contributions (NDCs). Given that these targets are economy wide, India will require a strong institutional and governance framework, robust domestic policies and reliable financing sources. Analytical assessments and informed dialogues between stakeholders will help the development of more effective interventions. Shakti is supporting efforts that promote robust policy research, facilitate access to finance from appropriate climate funding sources, build capacities of key stakeholders and deepen engagements among them. Shakti is also supporting national and state level efforts to enhance transparency in climate actions by strengthening GHG management capacities.

GHG Management and Market Mechanisms

The Paris Agreement requires countries to track and regularly report their climate actions and GHG emissions as a means to evaluate progress on their NDC targets. Shakti is supporting multiple initiatives to build adequate capacities amongst various stakeholders…
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Climate Dialogue and Capacity Development

Achieving multi-stakeholder consensus on the policy actions India should take in response to climate change is essential. To facilitate this outcome and to deepen engagements among stakeholders, Shakti supports communication, dialogue and capacity building…
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Policy Research

India must progress its climate actions in harmony with achieving its development priorities. A wide spectrum of policy choices are available, however, their institutional, financial and technical implications as well as trade-offs and co-benefits need…
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Climate Finance

Finance is a critical enabler for India’s transition to a low carbon, climate-resilient economy. Significant investments are required for the implementation of India’s climate actions at the national level and across states. Given the scope and scale of investment required…
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Climate Co-Benefits

Sector: Climate Policy Undertaken By : Institute of Financial Management and Research Year: 2016

Appropriate consideration of climate co-benefits such as reduced health effects and improved agricultural yields, among others, should inform policy decisions on climate change. Shakti is supporting efforts to characterize co-benefits that will be derived through policy actions designed to mitigate climate change.

The India Innovation Lab for Green Finance

Sector: Climate Policy Undertaken By : Climate Policy Initiative Year: 2016

The India Innovation Lab for Green Finance brings together experts from government, financial institutions, renewable energy, and infrastructure development to identify, develop, and accelerate innovative investment vehicles for green growth in India. More details on the website:...Read more

The India GHG Program - Helping Businesses Measure and Track GHG Emissions

Sector: Climate Policy Undertaken By : World Resources Institute Year: 2015

The India GHG Program is an industry-led voluntary initiative to measure and manage GHG emissions. The Program aims to establish a robust and effective institutional set-up providing Indian businesses with access to relevant GHG measurement and accounting tools, customised training and capacity building initiatives. It also provides expertise on...Read more

Domestic Climate Policy and Initiatives

Sector: Climate Policy Undertaken By : Institute of Financial Management and Research Year: 2015

The challenge of climate change is often referred to the most defining issue of our time. In the last few years, India has announced several policies and programmes, including several national missions and state-level action, all of which have significant implications for India's abilities to meet its climate goals. Shakti is supporting research...Read more

Showing 6 to 9 of 9 entries