Black Carbon

Black carbon, commonly known as soot, is an air pollutant and global warming agent that is emitted from sources like diesel engines and brick kilns. Shakti is supporting multiple initiatives, at the national level and across states, to inform policy development that leads to the adoption of cleaner, more efficient technologies to reduce emissions of black carbon from brick making and from the use of diesel as a fuel in transport and energy generation, in vehicles and generator sets respectively.

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Correcting the Divergence Between Diesel and Petrol Pricing

Sector: Climate Policy Undertaken By : Integrated Research and Action for Development Year: 2017

Due to differences in the taxes that are levied on diesel and petrol, a price distortion between the two fuels persists making diesel a substantially cheaper fuel. This has inclined consumer behaviour towards diesel vehicles, which are excessively polluting as compared to petrol vehicles. The World Health Organization (WHO) has declared diesel...Read more

Using Resource Efficient Materials in Brick Kilns - Bihar

Sector: Climate Policy Undertaken By : Multiple Year: 2016

Shakti is enabling technical assistance to the Government of Bihar as well as brick makers and entrepreneurs in Bihar to support the adoption of cleaner and more efficient brick making technologies as well as resource efficient building materials like fly ash bricks. Brick makers are being assisted to comply with the recent order of the Bihar...Read more

Showing 1 to 2 of 2 entries