Buildings already account for more than 30 percent of India’s electricity use, and two-thirds of the buildings that will exist in India by 2030 are yet to be built. In recent years, rapid urbanization has led to a sharp expansion of the urban building floor area and rise in space cooling demand. This trend is likely to continue over the coming decades and will have severe implications for energy security and greenhouse gas emissions. There is a sizable opportunity in pre-empting these consequences considering that much of this growth in floor space and space cooling is yet to occur. Shakti Sustainable Energy Foundation engages with policymakers, civil society and practitioners to support accelerated building efficiency action in India through better policies, investments and performance management systems.

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Sustainable and Smart Space Cooling Coalition

Sustainable and Smart Space Cooling Coalition

Sector: Energy Efficiency Undertaken By : Alliance for an Energy Efficient Economy Recent Publication: 2017

India is at the cusp of an exponential growth in the air-conditioner (AC) market. The growing demand for cooling will lead to a significant increase in overall energy demand for space cooling, stress on the electricity grid and more emissions. The criticality of addressing India’s escalating demand for cooling energy cannot be overstated,...Read more

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Smart and Clean Technologies in High-Rise Residential Apartments

Sector: Energy Efficiency Undertaken By : Meghraj Capital Advisors Private Limited Recent Publication: 2017

Cities across India have been accommodating the growing urban population through vertical expansion. The number of high-rise residential buildings in urban areas has substantially increased over the last decade. There is an urgent need to advance clean energy solutions in these buildings while simultaneously maintaining the quality of life of the...Read more

energy efficient buildings in India

Mainstreaming Building Efficiency in Academic Curricula

Sector: Energy Efficiency Undertaken By : cBalance Solutions Hub Recent Publication: 2016

Shakti is facilitating efforts to integrate building energy efficiency themes into the academic curriculum of engineering and architecture institutions. This is based on the premise that the next generation of building professionals must be better equipped to work in India’s rapidly growing buildings sector, which is increasingly placing a...Read more

energy efficient buildings in India

Improving Efficiency in the Urban Built Environment

Sector: Energy Efficiency Undertaken By : ICLEI – SA Recent Publication: 2015

The built environment and within that specifically, environmental norms and energy efficiency are subject to a number of policies, laws and regulations handled in different capacities by a range of Ministries and Departments. These policies and programmes very often refer to a set of overlapping and sometimes conflicting norms for efficiency in...Read more

Energy Efficiency

An Adaptive Thermal Comfort Standard for India

Sector: Energy Efficiency Undertaken By : Centre for Environmental Planning and Technology Recent Publication: 2014

Shakti supported the design of an adaptive thermal comfort standard, one suited specifically for climatic conditions in India. The adaptive model recognizes that people's thermal comfort needs can vary with the outdoor environmental conditions of their location. Therefore, it provides design and operation guidance for air conditioned, naturally...Read more

Showing 1 to 5 of 5 entries