India’s fast growing economy and population are leading to an increased demand for electricity. Despite capacity additions over the last few years, the reliability of power is still a major challenge. Parts of the country face severe electricity shortages largely due to inefficiencies in generation, distribution and end use and other factors. And close to 300 million Indians in rural areas lack access to electricity. At the same time, the opportunity to shift India’s power system onto a more sustainable path has never been greater. Ambitious targets for renewable energy and transmission connectivity plans have been laid out along with reforms for the power distribution sector. Supplying ‘24X7 Power to All’ is now an important focus of the development agenda.

Shakti Sustainable Energy Foundation (Shakti) seeks to support India’s transition to a cleaner and more reliable power system. Shakti focuses on: mainstreaming renewable energy sources such as solar and wind in India’s power mix, identifying opportunities for utility-led efficiency improvements and enhancing access to energy.

Renewable Energy


Renewable energy is fast gaining focus for its potential to meet India’s growing energy needs. The ambitious target for renewable energy – 175GW by 2022 with plans to expand further…
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Electric Utilities


Distribution utilities supply electricity to consumers and in turn collect revenues to keep the sector going. Utility-led efficiency measures can generate widespread energy savings…
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Energy Access


Close to 237 million Indians lack access to reliable and affordable electricity. This not only constrains productive activities, incomes and employment in rural areas, but…
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Value Chain Analysis of the Wind and Solar Industry

Sector: Power Undertaken By : Multiple Year: 2017

The momentum for renewable energy has increased at a rapid pace, and especially so for solar and wind energy. India's ambitious renewable energy target of 175 GW by 2022 makes it imperative to assess the challenges of domestic availability and manufacturing of different renewable components. It is also necessary to create enabling policy and...Read more

The Way Forward for India's UJALA Programme

Sector: Power Undertaken By : Prayas (Initiatives in Health, Energy, Learning and Parenthood) Year: 2017

The Unnat Jyoti by Affordable LEDs for All (UJALA) program is a decisive step towards energy efficiency lighting in India. The program has gained significant momentum since the bulk procurement model was first introduced in Puducherry. By October 2017, over 260 million LEDs have been sold leading to savings of over 30 billion units (kWh) of...Read more

Scaling up Mini-Grids

Sector: Power Undertaken By : Multiple Year: 2017

It is estimated that around 237 million Indians remain unconnected to the discom grid and do not have access to reliable electricity. In the last few years, DRE-based mini-grids have emerged as an effective solution to provide clean and reliable power using locally available resources. On the policy front, mini-grids have been gaining prominence...Read more

Strengthening the Distribution Sector

Sector: Power Undertaken By : Multiple Year: 2017

The distribution sector is an important segment of the power sector value chain. In the last decade, India has taken several steps improve to the sector’s commercial performance and financial viability. However, progress has been slower than envisaged. The sector is not very efficient owing to significant energy and revenue losses.The financial...Read more

Busting Myths Around Renewable Energy

Sector: Power Undertaken By : Center for Study of Science, Technology and Policy Year: 2017

With the ratification of the Paris Agreement, India has committed to clean and renewable energy targets. However, there are several myths and perceptions regarding renewables, which restrict the mainstreaming of renewable energy in the country. For example: renewable energy is expensive, it requires too much land, and can lead to instability in...Read more

Showing 6 to 10 of 21 entries