India’s fast growing economy and population are leading to an increased demand for electricity. Despite capacity additions over the last few years, the reliability of power is still a major challenge. Parts of the country face severe electricity shortages largely due to inefficiencies in generation, distribution and end use and other factors. And close to 300 million Indians in rural areas lack access to electricity. At the same time, the opportunity to shift India’s power system onto a more sustainable path has never been greater. Ambitious targets for renewable energy and transmission connectivity plans have been laid out along with reforms for the power distribution sector. Supplying ‘24X7 Power to All’ is now an important focus of the development agenda.

Shakti Sustainable Energy Foundation (Shakti) seeks to support India’s transition to a cleaner and more reliable power system. Shakti focuses on: mainstreaming renewable energy sources such as solar and wind in India’s power mix, identifying opportunities for utility-led efficiency improvements and enhancing access to energy.

Renewable Energy


Renewable energy is fast gaining focus for its potential to meet India’s growing energy needs. The ambitious target for renewable energy – 175GW by 2022 with plans to expand further…
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Electric Utilities


Distribution utilities supply electricity to consumers and in turn collect revenues to keep the sector going. Utility-led efficiency measures can generate widespread energy savings…
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Energy Access


Close to 237 million Indians lack access to reliable and affordable electricity. This not only constrains productive activities, incomes and employment in rural areas, but…
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Standard Offer Programme for Energy-Efficient Lighting

Sector: Power Undertaken By : Multiple Year: 2015

The Standard Offer Programme is an innovative approach to promote energy efficiency. It treats energy efficiency as a ‘commodity’ similarly to renewable energy or conventional resources. Under this approach, an energy efficiency resource acquirer purchases energy savings from third party energy efficiency implementation agencies (such as...Read more

Towards Solar-Powered Agricultural Water Pumps

Sector: Power Undertaken By : Dalberg Development Advisors Private Limited Year: 2018

Agriculture contributes to 15% of India’s GDP and employs 50% of the workforce. Reliable irrigation, therefore, is a critical requirement not just for the farmer but also for the country. Solar irrigation pumps are a promising alternative to traditional water pumping systems which usually operate on grid electricity, diesel and kerosene. Given...Read more

Implementing Demand Response Programmes

Sector: Power Undertaken By : Multiple Year: 2014

Demand response is a Demand Side Management measure that can help balance supply and demand by encouraging customers to curtail usage during times of high demand. Shakti is engaging with utilities and other stakeholders to develop best practices and models that promote Demand Response programmes across the country.

Briefing Paper Series on Sustainable Energy and Rural Energy Access

Sector: Power Undertaken By : Ashden India Renewable Energy Collective Year: 2014

Shakti has supported the development of a briefing paper series on decentralized renewable energy (DRE) that capitalizes on practitioner experience to inform new DRE interventions. Rural energy practitioners have systematically identified critical themes relevant to DRE in India. Each theme is presented in the form of a briefing paper. The papers...Read more

Reassessing Wind Potential Estimates for India

Sector: Power Undertaken By : Multiple Year: 2013

With the official estimate at 50 GW in 2011, India’s wind potential was viewed as quite limited. However, it was realized that this estimate did not take into account the availability of better technology, more advanced mapping techniques and a higher than previously thought land availability. A quick global comparison underscored this when our...Read more

Showing 16 to 20 of 22 entries