Mini Grids

Mini grids can play a key role in rural electrification efforts in areas that are not connected to the grid, and to complement the grid in under electrified areas. With the right policy and investor support, mini-grids can emerge as ‘rural utilities’ and help provide reliable and improved power supply. Shakti Sustainable Energy Foundation is supporting efforts to develop a more enabling policy and regulatory environment for mini-grids, to facilitate minigrid development and scale up.

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Scaling up Mini-Grids

Sector: Power Undertaken By : Multiple Year: 2017

It is estimated that around 237 million Indians remain unconnected to the discom grid and do not have access to reliable electricity. In the last few years, DRE-based mini-grids have emerged as an effective solution to provide clean and reliable power using locally available resources. On the policy front, mini-grids have been gaining prominence...Read more

Briefing Paper Series on Sustainable Energy and Rural Energy Access

Sector: Power Undertaken By : Ashden India Renewable Energy Collective Year: 2014

Shakti has supported the development of a briefing paper series on decentralized renewable energy (DRE) that capitalizes on practitioner experience to inform new DRE interventions. Rural energy practitioners have systematically identified critical themes relevant to DRE in India. Each theme is presented in the form of a briefing paper. The papers...Read more

Showing 1 to 2 of 2 entries