Electric Utilities

Distribution utilities supply electricity to consumers and in turn collect revenues to keep the sector going. Utility-led efficiency measures can generate widespread energy savings. One area of opportunity is Demand Side Management (DSM) i.e. the actions taken beyond the electricity meter of consumers, to alter their consumption patterns. These actions are taken by the utility to shift the power demand to off peak hours, or alternatively reduce the demand, to reduce stress on the grid. DSM measures can also be undertaken by non-electricity utilities such as municipal bodies. Another area of opportunity in the electricity distribution sector is strengthening utilities’ operational and financial performance. This can help address the challenges of chronic peak and energy shortages in India and improve the supply of power. Improving the utility’s financial and operational systems will not only improve its efficiency, but will also lead to the freeing up of resources which can then be invested in clean energy.

Shakti Sustainable Energy Foundation (Shakti) works with several stakeholders across the country including Central Government entities, state level stakeholder and utilities to strengthen demand side management (DSM) and facilitate distribution sector reforms.

Demand Side Management

Demand Side Management: Demand Side Management (DSM)…
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Distribution Reforms

Distribution Reforms: The distribution sector is an important segment of the power sector value chain…
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Convening Platforms

Shakti is supporting convening platforms to bring together experts and stakeholders to develop tools, share best practices…
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Capacity Building

Governments, utilities, companies, banks, civil society, investors, entrepreneurs, and other stakeholders…
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Standard Offer Programme for Energy-Efficient Lighting

Sector: Power Undertaken By : Multiple Year: 2015

The Standard Offer Programme is an innovative approach to promote energy efficiency. It treats energy efficiency as a ‘commodity’ similarly to renewable energy or conventional resources. Under this approach, an energy efficiency resource acquirer purchases energy savings from third party energy efficiency implementation agencies (such as...Read more

Implementing Demand Response Programmes

Sector: Power Undertaken By : Multiple Year: 2014

Demand response is a Demand Side Management measure that can help balance supply and demand by encouraging customers to curtail usage during times of high demand. Shakti is engaging with utilities and other stakeholders to develop best practices and models that promote Demand Response programmes across the country.

Showing 6 to 7 of 7 entries