Renewable Energy

Renewable energy is fast gaining focus for its potential to meet India’s growing energy needs. The ambitious target for renewable energy175GW by 2022— with plans to expand further has spurred the market for renewables. The introduction of enabling policies and implementation plans for wind and solar, both at the national level and across various states, is a welcome development. Still, much more need to be done.

Shakti Sustainable Energy Foundation (Shakti)  supports several efforts to mainstream renewable energy, such as wind and solar, in the overall energy mix of the country. Shakti focuses on strengthening policies and regulations that promote renewable energy, developing a flexible electricity grid that is capable of handling high penetration of renewable energy, mobilizing finance for renewable energy projects and assisting state-level agencies to deploy large-scale renewable energy.


Wind energy has immense potential in India and can be a significant clean energy source. Supported by initial government…
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India’s suite of clean energy initiaves includes increasing the national solar generation capacity to 100 gigawatts (GW)…
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Grid Integration

India is on the path to greatly expanding its renewable energy capacity. As renewables grow more cost-competitive…
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Given the scale of investment required to meet India’s power generation targets, it is critical to mobilize finance through…
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Policy Roadmaps

Shakti Sustainable Energy Foundation is supporting the development of comprehensive roadmaps that provide…
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Achieving 25% Renewable Energy in India’s Power Mix over 2012-31 – Costs and Benefits

Sector: Power Undertaken By : ICF International Recent Publication: 2013

As India's economy continues to grow, power security remains a key concern for sustaining this economic growth. Given the state of the domestic fuel market, the volatility in prices of imported fuels and the concerns about climate change, conventional sources alone may not be enough to offset the growing demand stress. There is a need to stimulate...Read more

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