Vehicular Emissions and Air Quality

The transport sector is a major contributor to air pollution in India. There is an urgent need to address emissions from in-use vehicles through stricter inspection and maintenance programs in addition to having stricter norms and standards for newer vehicles. Given this, Shakti Sustainable Energy Foundation is supporting the adoption of an improved inspection and maintenance regime for in-use vehicles which will enable effective testing, compliance and monitoring of the existing standards.

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Inspection and Maintenance Program for In-Use Vehicles in India

Sector: Transport Undertaken By : The Energy and Resource Institute Recent Publication: 2016

The transport sector is a significant contributor to air pollution in urban areas. Research has shown that poorly maintained and older vehicles are responsible for a major share of pollution in cities. Therefore, the management of India's in-use vehicle fleet is an important step for the control of vehicular emissions. The Inspection and...Read more

Showing 1 to 1 of 1 entries