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The planning, development and management of sustainable transport systems requires the participation of multiple stakeholders such as Government, Industry, Institutions and Civil society organizations. Shakti Sustainable Energy Foundation is supporting the development of tools and guidelines on provision of sustainable transport systems to help stakeholders take more informed actions in decision making and implementation.

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SUMNet - Catalyzing Solutions for Sustainable Urban Transport

Sector: Transport Undertaken By : Pariksar Sanrakshan Sanvardhan Sanstha Year: 2017

Rapid urbanization has made sustainable urban transport an urgent development priority. The transport sector is already the second largest consumer of primary energy and a leading contributor to air pollution. Therefore, it is necessary to ensure a sustainable model of urban transport systems in our rapidly growing cities. To create a more...Read more

Improving Traffic Signal Operations in India

Sector: Transport Undertaken By : IBI Consultancy India Private Limited Year: 2015

Signalised road intersections in Indian cities are hotspots of vehicular emissions and poor air quality as inappropriate signal timing cycles increase delays and vehicle idling at intersections. Improving efficiency of traffic signals to handle traffic can reduce vehicular emissions at signalised intersections by 20-30% in most situations.

Showing 1 to 2 of 2 entries