Non-Motorized Transport

Walking and cycling trips constitute a large percentage of the total trips made in Indian cities. Given this, road planning and engineering design solutions should be undertaken in a way that encourages people to continue to use cleaner modes of transportation and attract new users. Shakti Sustainable Energy Foundation is working to strengthen non-motorized transport infrastructure by supporting efforts to pilot best practice demonstration projects and develop capacity building toolkits that can help policy makers take informed decisions.

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Public Bicycle Sharing Schemes in Delhi

Sector: Transport Undertaken By : Centre for Green Mobility Year: 2015

Non-motorized transport modes such as walking and cycling provide first and last mile connectivity to and from public transit systems. But given the lack of good NMT infrastructure, people avoid public transport and instead prefer to use private vehicles. It is here that Public Bicycle Sharing (PBS) systems can serve as an alternative for...Read more

Showing 1 to 1 of 1 entries