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Public transport systems form the backbone of urban mobility. But only a few Indian cities have formal public transport systems in place today, and their services can be significantly improved in terms of reliability, safety and comfort. Shakti Sustainable Energy Foundation is supporting efforts to address the existing gaps in the availability and quality of the public transport systems in order to shift passengers from emission heavy modes of transport to public transport systems.

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Better Infrastructure for Public Transport

Sector: Transport Undertaken By : SGArchitects Year: 2017

Developing safe and convenient bus systems is a key requirement for developing low-carbon transport systems in the country. An essential requirement of a good bus system is the availability of adequate supporting infrastructure like bus terminals and depots. However, most Indian cities do not have adequate supporting infrastructure. Towards...Read more

Innovative Public Transport Information Systems

Sector: Transport Undertaken By : Adapt Technologies and Consulting Services Pvt. Ltd. Year: 2016

Providing real-time, accurate and reliable information on bus operations can help increase the declining mode share of buses in Indian cities. Shakti has commissioned the development of a public transport information system for buses in Hyderabad, as a case city, through the innovative use of information technology based web and mobile...Read more

Enhancing the Performance Efficiency of City Bus Systems

Sector: Transport Undertaken By : Foundation for Innovation and Technology Transfer, Indian Institute of Technology, Delhi Year: 2016

Inter-city and intra-city public bus services in India are operated by State Road Transport Undertakings (STUs). In the process, STUs generate a huge amount of data on bus operations. This data can be used to improve operations management and increase customer satisfaction. Shakti supported a review of the existing data maintenance practices and...Read more

Better City Bus Systems in India

Sector: Transport Undertaken By : Delhi Integrated Multi Modal Transit Systems Year: 2016

An efficient public transport system is a key pre-requisite for the sustained development of a city. It helps citizens meet their travel needs in an economical, safe, and energy-efficient manner. But many Indian cities lack the institutional and financial support required to strengthen bus systems. As a result, there is a deterioration in the...Read more

Analysing the Role of Intermediate Public Transport in Kolkata

Sector: Transport Undertaken By : Centre for Policy Research Year: 2015

The limited reach of public transport systems in cities has led to the emergence of informal privatised services such as the Intermediate Public Transport (IPT). These services provide shared transport services along predetermined routes through modes like three wheeled auto-rickshaws. In Kolkata, IPT modes have been mainstreamed into the...Read more

Showing 1 to 5 of 5 entries