$2 Trillion Circular Economy Financing Instruments for India Ahead COP 28

Ease of Doing Business, powered by HUSE Mobility & supported by National Highways for EV, Charge Point Operators Society of India, and Erisha E Mobility Private Limited organised a conference on ‘$2 Trillion Circular Economy Financing Instruments for India Ahead COP 28,’ held at Leela Palace, New Delhi, On January 9, 2024.

The event was divided into four climate goal sessions.

Blended Financing Instruments for India’s Climate Ambitions goal was addressed during the event. This initiative, rooted in COP26 and advanced toward COP28, collaborated with the RBI to secure $2 billion in green financing, addressing challenges and outlining three additional goals.

Fostering Sustainability & Accelerating Adoption goal championed a climate-conscious approach, highlighting transparency, net-zero pathways, and seizing low-carbon opportunities.

Clean Energy Infrastructure goal, spotlighted hydrogen, and electric mobility financing for nationwide adoption.

Decarbonisation of Manufacturing in India’s 10th year of Make in India goal extended beyond clean transportation to embrace emissions, sustainability, and innovation. Tackling carbon capture, supply chain sustainability, circular economy practices, and policy support navigate a comprehensive climate agenda, contributing to a sustainable future.

Shubhashis Dey, Director, Climate Policy & Climate Finance, Shakti, participated in the session on ‘Climate Goal: Fostering Sustainability & Accelerating Adoption’, where he said “In Indian context, combination of coherent policy signals and national-level sectoral targets are required to mobilise private equity and debt finance in CleanTech at scale. We have a wonderful example in Renewable Energy (RE) capacity enhancement; phase-wise ratcheting up of national RE target along with appropriate policy direction mobilised private equity and debt in renewable energy in last one and half decades.”