Dialogues for Action

Recognising the importance of open dialogue to share ideas, Shakti Sustainable Energy Foundation uses its unique position to convene a variety of stakeholders including policymakers, civil society, industry, academia and thought leaders from across the clean energy land climate landscape in India. We seek to increase knowledge sharing, collaboration and collective action in support of India's ambitious climate and development goals.

Recent Dialogues

Work Planning Exercise

Collaboration is key to unlocking opportunities and overcoming the toughest climate challenges we face today. We reviewed our programmatic priorities during our 2021 annual work planning exercise inviting our partners to contribute their insights.

Dialogue On Net Zero Pathways For India

Several nations and companies have committed to reaching net zero emissions, many of them by mid-century. This has led to deliberation in India on our options.


Past Dialogues

The Shakti Dialogues 2019

India is accelerating clean energy to provide affordable and reliable power to a vast population, while at the same time tackling climate change on several fronts. In many ways now, Shakti has been deeply involved in these efforts.


The Shakti Dialogues 2018

The 2018 Dialogues convened leaders and innovators from across India to deliver insights and perspectives on the rapid transitions underway in India’s clean energy sector.