Climate Insights Unit

With global emissions reaching record levels, the need to act on climate change is becoming more urgent. We need to transition to low-carbon pathways while minimising the harmful impacts of climate change on our lives and environment. Our efforts have to be well informed to leverage all opportunities in a timely manner.

The Climate Insights Unit supports the philanthropic and CSO communities with insights that can help conceive and deploy impactful programs to address the constantly evolving challenges of climate change and clean energy. Our efforts are focused on improving access to knowledge, efficiency and effectiveness of efforts, and the collaborative capacity of the ecosystem.

We undertake research that can provide actionable inputs to philanthropic and CSO communities. We do so by leveraging the knowledge and experience of our experts, building evidence through the development of unique data sets, and rigorous analysis. Through collaborations and convenings we help unlock the collective wisdom of our extensive partner network.

Our Work

We help identify new opportunities for investment, support the design and execution of impactful programs, and support existing initiatives to transform to new priorities.

We support the climate ecosystem to identify new and emerging areas of work and identify how their expertise may contribute to these efforts by providing access to information, evidence, data and expertise. We also provide inputs on how to improve strategies and capacities.

We identify opportunities for philanthropists and CSOs to act on climate change by highlighting three promising focus areas:

  • Climate Opportunity
  • Policy Opportunity
  • Philanthropic Opportunity

What We Do


The research unit undertakes research and analysis to arrive at actionable solutions to the ever-evolving climate and clean energy problem. We help develop the evidence to form a deep understanding of the problem, its components, and potential solutions. Where significant knowledge gaps prevent effective problem diagnosis, a deeper exploration through primary data collection would be designed and undertaken leveraging our network of partners.


The advisory unit provides strategic advisory based on research and evidence to scope new program areas or adapt and transform an existing program to meet new requirements. We use analytical tools, expert inputs and stakeholder views to craft a robust theory of change, results framework and evaluation parameters.