Breaking Barriers in Climate Communications

Atima Mankotia and Aishwarya KS at the capacity building workshop at Chennai

One of the key challenges we face in tackling climate change is the need for effective climate communications. There is still some scepticism around the topic which could be attributed to lack of awareness, myths associated with the subject, the alarming tone around its messaging etc.

This can lead to individuals feeling overwhelmed and disempowered, leading them to disengage from taking any action to address climate change. Additionally, some may even begin to deny the reality of climate change altogether, feeling that the problem is too big to solve.

It is important to communicate the science of climate change in a clear and compelling way, so stakeholders can take the necessary climate action. Highlighting the progress that has already been made in reducing greenhouse gas emissions and implementing sustainable practices, as well as the potential for further positive change, can inspire individuals to take action and be a part of the solution.

Keeping this in mind, the Department of Environment, Climate Change & Forests, Government of Tamil Nadu is keen to spread climate awareness amongst the communities.

Atima Mankotia, Communications Director and Aishwarya KS, Senior Programme Manager, Climate Policy, were part of a workshop organised in Chennaito build capacity of the Climate Literacy Consultants (CLC). These CLCs are champion communicators who will instil hope and motivate the stakeholders to undertake small and meaningful steps towards a more sustainable future.