Development of Decarbonisation Strategies in Tamil Nadu

Vasudha Foundation in collaboration with the Tamil Nadu Green Climate Company (TNGCC)  organised a workshop on ‘Development of Decarbonisation Strategies in Tamil Nadu’ on November 17, 2023, in Chennai, Tamil Nadu. The workshop was attended by key participants from the Government of Tamil Nadu, industries, academia, civil societies, and think tanks. The workshop was divided into three main sessions: the inaugural session, followed by presentations on decarbonisation strategies, and a panel discussion on Mitigation and Adaptation Strategies to Decarbonise the State Economy.

The workshop aimed to assemble a diverse group of stakeholders and sector experts operating at the state level to explore potential low-carbon pathways in Indian states. Customised decarbonisation strategies, tailored to address the specific needs and challenges of each state, require thorough dialogue and discussion. Consequently, the workshop seeks to enhance collaboration among various stakeholders across the economy, including state-level nodal agencies, system operators, distribution utilities, policy institutions, and academia.

Shubhashis Dey, Director, Climate Policy and Climate Finance, Shakti was invited to the Workshop to discuss ‘Development of Decarbonisation Strategies in Tamil Nadu’ where he said “Tamil Nadu is one of the early starters in integrating climate actions within its economic and developmental priorities. It did not happen overnight. Tamil Nadu has a long history of good governance and evidence-based policy making. The challenge is how to carry forward the learnings from Tamil Nadu to other states which are at a different stage of development.”

It is essential to identify challenges in realising medium to long-term decarbonisation pathways in the state. Considerable progress has already been made in formulating decarbonisation strategies for Tamil Nadu, particularly by CEEW. The workshop also focused on discussions and brainstorming sessions to explore effective implementation methods for the developed pathways.