Electrify & Connect – Meet and Greet with EV owners of Delhi NCR at TERI Gram Campus

The Energy and Resources Institute (TERI), in collaboration with The International Council on Clean Transportation (ICCT), organised an engaging meet and greet, namely ‘Electrify & Connect’, between EV owners from Delhi NCR and international delegates from California Air Resources Board at the TERI GRAM Campus on March 9, 2024.

Shakti Sustainable Energy Foundation extended knowledge support towards the event. More than 50 EV owners from the Delhi-NCR participated in the event by driving their vehicles to the lush green Campus at Gwal Pahari, which is a zero-emission zone. Following the experiences shared by the delegation, the EV champions added a personal touch by sharing their stories and experiences of driving EVs in India. The meeting acted as a unique platform for knowledge exchange, encouraging discussions around the life of EV batteries, well-to-wheel and well-to-tank emissions, and the newest technological advancements. Interactive exercises organised at the end of the programme created a lively atmosphere for insightful conversations between the participants.

Dr Vibha Dhawan (Director General, TERI) shared TERI’s journey and commitments towards low and zero-carbon technologies, particularly focusing on the mobility sector. The delegates from the California Air Resource Board shared invaluable experiences and initiatives in the journey of EV adoption witnessed by California that started in the 1990s and highlighted the pivotal role regulations played in advancing clean mobility. The delegates from the International Council on Clean Transportation shared invaluable experiences and initiatives from their countries, highlighting the pivotal role EVs play in advancing clean mobility.

To symbolise the commitment to a green and sustainable future, dignitaries planted a tree, emphasising TERI’s dedication to environmental initiatives. The session concluded with interactive activities, creating a dynamic environment for meaningful exchanges between EV users and experts.