Embracing Climate-Smart Agriculture for a Sustainable Future

Climate-smart agriculture is not just about protecting our environment. It also empowers smallholder hashtag#farmers in India with numerous economic opportunities.

Renewable energy-powered equipment can lower production costs and ensure reliable energy supply to boost farm sector incomes. Agroforestry, regenerative agriculture, and direct-seeded rice cultivation can cut down on chemical fertilizer use and reduce overall agricultural production costs.

Yet despite its incredible potential, the broader adoption of climate-smart agriculture faces a daunting hurdle. A major roadblock is the lack of affordable commercial finance.

On October 30, 2023, MSC-Enabling inclusion in the digital age’s Climate-Resilient Agriculture Virtual Club hosted a panel discussion with experts to uncover the challenges that climate-smart agriculture projects encounter while trying to scale up.

Our expert panellists showed how the absence of financing options holds back the widespread adoption of climate-smart agriculture practices in India. They also revealed how the measurement and verification of carbon sequestration can unlock new financing opportunities for these vital projects.

Vidvatta Sharma, Programme Manager, Shakti, participating in this webinar said,” Innovative financial instruments that can hedge transition risk for farmers are required to support a scale-up of sustainable, climate-smart agricultural practices in India. Institutional credit mechanisms, public finance, private sector financing, development finance, carbon and green credits all play a role in supporting farmers in the adoption of sustainable, climate-smart agriculture.”