EV Infrastructure and Green Hydrogen Mobility

PHD Chamber of Commerce and Industry in association with Chandigarh Science & Technology & Renewable Energy (CREST) organised a Regional Conference on Electric Vehicles, EV Infrastructure and Green Hydrogen Mobility where Shakti participated in a Panel discussion on ‘Future Roadmaps of States for Accelerated Adoption of e- Mobility & Accelerating the Transition with EV Charging Infrastructure & Green Hydrogen Mobility’ on March 16, 2024, in Chandigarh.

Narayankumar Sreekumar, Associate Director, Electric Mobility Initiative, Shakti, said “In our journey towards transitioning to electric vehicles, the development of robust charging infrastructure stands as a pivotal task. To achieve this, policymakers play a vital role in formulating comprehensive regulations that not only instill confidence in investors but also stimulate fresh investments in green infrastructure projects. Moreover, the establishment of streamlined single-window clearance processes is equally imperative to expedite the implementation of these initiatives.”

The conference aimed to facilitate and accelerate the adoption of electric mobility in the region, with a focus on key highlights such as future roadmaps of states for accelerated e-mobility adoption and the transition with EV charging infrastructure and Green Hydrogen Mobility. Session One delved into EV policies and regulations, incentives, charging infrastructure plans, manufacturing strategies, and skill development initiatives. In Session Two, the focus shifted to emerging trends in EV charging technologies, innovative charging infrastructure business models, renewable energy integration, the potential of hydrogen fuel cell vehicles, and opportunities in green hydrogen production. Through these sessions, the conference aimed to provide valuable insights and strategies to drive the transition towards electric mobility.