EV Update Gujarat EV Summit

Shakti Sustainable Energy Foundation participated in ‘EV Update Gujarat EV Summit’, Gujarat Edition of India’s Biggest Electric Vehicles and Battery Industry Business Conference series organised by EV Update Media, India, held on April 26, 2024, at Ahmedabad, Gujarat.

Priyadarshini Alok, Programme Manager, Electric Mobility, Shakti, spoke on the topic ‘EV Charging and EV Fleet’ and said, “Expanding rapid EV charging relies on tapping into CSR initiatives to strengthen infrastructure, especially in crucial areas. Identifying and prioritising these pivotal sites is essential for speeding up the electrification revolution and innovating business models for diverse vehicle segments.”

In 2023, Gujarat saw a 28% surge in EV sales, totaling 88,619 units, marking a notable 714% increase from the 10,885 units sold in 2021. The state’s EV policy aims to boost demand through consumer incentives while incentivising infrastructure development and encouraging automakers to produce more EVs. Additionally, Gujarat’s establishment of India’s largest lithium-ion battery plant underscores its commitment to bolstering the electric vehicle and battery industry within the country.

This event addressed the most recent technological advances in EV manufacturing, EV batteries, EV fleet management, EV charging, and its infrastructure development. Key state and national dignitaries including decision-makers, founders, CXOs, directors, etc. from the Electric Vehicles and Battery industry attended the event to share their perspectives on the state’s overall growth in the EV sector.