Healthy Air Zones in India Presentation to PGCA

Vivek Chandran making a presentation on Clean Air Zones

Vivek Chandran, Director, Climate Insights, made a presentation on Healthy Air Zones (HAZ) in India to the Parliamentarian’s Group for Clean Air (PGCA) organised by SWANITI. PGCA is a non-partisan self-governed collective of the Hon’ble Members of Parliaments to deliberate, promote actions and facilitate the exchange of knowledge to reduce air pollution in the country. Transport one of the largest sources of PM2.5, PM10 and CO and NOx in Indian cities. Vivek’s presentation focused on the benefits of pursuing HAZ as a strategy approach in Indian cities. HAZ also known as clean air zones, low emission zones and zero emission zones is a long-term action plan to transition to emission free transport and thereby cleaning the air in our cities.