India Energy Week 2024 – A Roadmap for Doubling Energy Efficiency for India

Bureau of Energy Efficiency, in partnership with the CLASP and Alliance for Energy Efficient Economy (AEEE) organised a side event on ‘A Roadmap for Doubling Energy Efficiency.’ Shakti was invited to participate in the session role of the ‘subnational and people-centric action to improve energy efficiency in Industry’ at India Energy Week, in Goa, on February 9, 2024.

Sneha Kashyap, Assistant Programme Manager, Industry Buildings and Cooling Programme, Shakti, spoke in the session on ‘A Roadmap for Doubling Energy Efficiency’ and said,  “Large Industries are well equipped to adopt the best available technologies (BATs) for energy efficiency in their facilities. But the one who needs the support in technology adoption, and finance for those technologies are the small-scale units which are generally found in clusters. MSMEs have a high potential to improve their energy efficiency and achieve decarbonisation. There is a need to have a people-centric approach and build the stakeholders’ capacity at the subnational level. Shakti has been at the forefront of subnational activities and continuously facilitating the promotion of energy-efficient technologies and practices in industrial clusters while building capacity of stakeholders.”

The G20 New Delhi Leader’s Declaration has taken note of ‘Voluntary action plan for doubling the global rate of improvement in energy efficiency by 2030’. In addition to this, the Hon’ble Prime Minister’s Mission LiFE has drawn international attention to the significance of lifestyles and mindful consumption choices, with energy efficiency as a core priority. Looking ahead, doubling the global rate of energy efficiency improvement will require coordinated action by stakeholders in key consumption sectors such as buildings, transport, and industry to provide an accelerated pathway towards a sustainable future.