“Junction” A Stakeholder Consultation for Promotion of Electric Freight Ecosystem

Shakti Sustainable Energy Foundation participated in a Stakeholder Consultation “Junction” to promote electric freight ecosystem organised by MP Ensystems Products and Services PTE Limited, on May 24, 2024, in Goa.

Balaji Raparthi, Senior Programme Manager, Electric Mobility, present at the event said, “To increase the adoption of electric vehicles in goods carriers, it is imperative for states to set targets for e-commerce delivery chain electrification, similar to Delhi’s Motor Vehicle Aggregator and Delivery Service Provider Scheme.”

The Government of India is steadfastly committed to decarbonising road transport, emphasising adopting electric vehicles (EVs). India is one of the few countries supporting the EV30@30 campaign, which aims for at least 30% of new vehicle sales to be electric by 2030. This initiative focuses on supply and demand aspects of the e-commerce ecosystem, from retailers to end consumers, while navigating the regulatory and policy landscape.

The discussions explored barriers and enablers within the Electric Freight Ecosystem, through sharing insights of various stakeholders and compiling a comprehensive wish list. This wish list, a useful outcome of the discussions, encompasses policy, regulatory, financial, business, and collaborative opportunities, with an aim  to drive forward the adoption and success of electric freight solutions.