Seminar cum Stakeholder Consultation Meeting on Offshore Wind Projects in Gujarat 2

India is world’s second largest steel producer and second largest steel consumer. The steel industry contributes to around 12% to the country’s total CO2 emissions. The Indian steel industry relies heavily on coal for its operation (around 85% of energy inputs). The coal based DRI is unique to Indian steel sector. To address the issue of high energy consumption and CO2 emissions from the DRI sector, TERI and SIMA (Sponge Iron Manufacturers Association) had jointly organised an event titled ‘Accelerating Decarbonisation for India’s Steel Sector’ on May 24, 2023, at Bhubaneshwar.

During the event, Dr Sachin Kumar, Director, Industry, Building & Cooling programme, Shakti, moderated the session ‘Manufacture/Technology Perspective’. The session focused on technological options that can help decarbonise the Indian steel sector especially the role that can be played by the DRI sector in this journey. The decarbonisation options for DRI sector like use of biochar and rotary hearth furnace were discussed in detail. During the session the initiatives taken by TATA steel to decarbonise their steel sector were also shared with the participants.