Shakti Participated in Bombay Chamber of Commerce Event

India is vulnerable to climate change. Various stakeholders are showing interest to enhance investment and financing towards the pursuit of net-zero emissions by 2070. Mobilising green financial instruments may drive India’s shift toward a greener economy.

Manu Maudgal, Head, Corporate and Philanthropic Engagement, Shakti, participated in this Private equity & Venture Capital Conclave on ‘Financing India’s Green Future’ in a session ‘Navigating Evolving Regulatory Landscape in Green Financing’.

He said, “India, a $3 trillion economy, is projected to be a $13 trillion economy by 2040, a fourfold increase! This is quite unprecedented as it is equal to building India 4 times over the next 20 years. The choices and trade-offs we make for growth and livelihood today are crucial to a net zero future for India and the planet.”