Sustainable Global Value Chain-Role and Impact in Cold Chain

National Centre for Cold-Chain Development (NCCD) and the Department of Agriculture & Farmers Welfare organised a Panel Discussion on ‘Sustainable Global Value Chain-Role and Impact in Cold Chain’ December 8, 2023, on the Theme: Building Resilient Cold Chain.

Bansi Shukla, Senior Programme Manager, Industry, Buildings & Cooling, Shakti Sustainable Energy Foundation, received an invitation to speak at the Panel Discussion. During her address, she emphasised, “Digitisation in cultivating a smart cold value chain is vital, and in line with this, Shakti is set to support the development of a web-based tool and mobile application with an aim to monitor the energy consumption patterns of cold chain assets in selected regions. This will further enhance the efficiency and impact of India’s cooling sector.”

The Cold Chain Congress aims to bring together industry experts, policymakers, and stakeholders to discuss and address the challenges and opportunities in the cold chain sector.

To pioneer sustainable cold chain infrastructure, India stands as one of the few nations with a comprehensive Cooling Action Plan. This visionary strategy seeks to address cooling needs across various sectors, with the ultimate aim of reducing cooling demand by 20%-25% by 2037-38. Shakti, is dedicated to supporting projects for this ambitious plan.