Urban Planning as a Key Tool for Delivering Inclusive Climate Action

Shakti Sustainable Energy Foundation participated in a workshop hosted by C40 Cities and Community Jameel on March 28, 2024, in Chennai. The Jameel C40 Urban Planning Climate Labs, a collaboration between C40 Cities and Community Jameel, aims to develop practical strategies for incorporating climate action into urban planning. Chennai’s initiative seeks to establish a sustainable, liveable, and low-carbon urban environment, serving as a model for similar planning endeavours. City practitioners are encouraged to exchange insights to guide sustainable and resilient planning efforts across their respective regions.

Nidhi Madan, Associate Director, Climate Policy, Shakti, participating in the workshop, said “To engage with communities, it is essential to talk about sustaining their livelihood while climate-proofing the interventions. Listening to their needs and consistently engaging with them to build trust is crucial for fostering community-driven climate action.”

The objective of the Jameel C40 Urban Planning Climate Lab is to assist the Chennai Metropolitan Development Authority (CMDA) in enhancing its master planning documents by more effectively incorporating climate goals and responding to climate-related challenges. CMDA is presently involved in formulating the Third Master Plan (2026-2046), which prioritises enhancing climate resilience and bolstering the adaptive capacity of the Chennai Metropolitan Area.

The Jameel C40 Urban Planning Climate Lab recognises the fact that urban planning is a key tool to help cities realise their greenhouse gas emissions reduction targets; adapt to the impacts of climate change and deliver wider socio-economic and environmental co-benefits. For the first phase of work, an updated greenhouse gas inventory that covers the Chennai Metropolitan Area is being produced. This will be accompanied by a comprehensive urban planning and climate action integration baseline assessment report, vulnerability mapping, and identification of priority policy actions for the Third Master Plan.