Concerned Citizens Series

Climate change has complex global, national, and regional implications in its impacts and in the policies to respond to those impacts. For India, the complexities inherent in the policies are magnified because of the country’s size, population, and diversity, both economic and cultural. In response to the rising impacts of climate change, India has set clear climate-change policies and priorities with a focus on renewable energy, electric mobility, green hydrogen and sustainable agriculture. Opinions vary among experts and policymakers on how India should address the problem of climate change, but a refined and informed public discourse is a critical part of the solution. It is also important that public opinion be based on a coherent and scientifically robust understanding of the challenges and possible solutions to the threat of climate change.

In this regard, Shakti Sustainable Energy Foundation supported the development of the “Concerned Citizen Series”, a series of books on topics related to energy, resources, and the environment. The idea is to share information and, even more important, critical insights and understanding, with citizens who are keen to know more about some of the critical issues facing society.

The Concerned Citizens series aims to equip citizens with conceptual tools and the essential information to enrich their understanding but also to encourage them to act and thereby support India’s development and climate goals. It consists of the following eight books:

  • Sun Through the Roof: Suneel Deambi and Shirish Garud
  • Coal: Phase Down or Phase Out: Rakesh Kacker
  • Green Homes and Workplaces: Mili Majumdar and Minni Sastry
  • From Lattus to Lasers: Realising India’s electricity potential: Sanjeev Ahluwalia
  • Nutraceuticals in Human Health: Mayurika Goel
  • Clean Transport in India: Shri Prakash and Sharif Qamar
  • Dilemmas in Dealing with Climate Change in India: Manish Kumar Shrivastava
  • Energy Efficiency Matters: Ajay Mathur and Leher V Thadani

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