Shakti’s ACCLIMATE Training Week: Empowering CSOs for Effective Climate Action

Shakti Sustainable Energy Foundation facilitated a week-long technical training starting from January 15 to January 19, 2024, at the Bankers Institute for Rural Development (BIRD) Campus in Lucknow for the recipients of the ACCLIMATE Challenge Fund. The primary focus of the workshop was to enhance the capacities of the winners in addressing the impacts of climate change.

The event brought together partners from the ACCLIMATE programme, fostering collaboration and discussions on crucial aspects of India’s climate and energy transition. the workshop aimed to achieve specific objectives including introducing climate policies for a net-zero world, familiarising participants with the climate finance landscape and carbon market mechanisms, emphasising sub-national climate leadership, and exploring the role of CSOs in this context. Additionally, the training introduced Systems Thinking methods and their practical application in the work done by the CSOs. The week-long training also provided several opportunities for peer-to-peer learning between all the organisations and experts present.

More than 30 senior representatives from eight winning CSOs participated in the capacity-building workshop. The training equipped them with essential knowledge systems related to climate change, empowering them to actively contribute to climate action. Notably, this workshop marked the inaugural training session under the ACCLIMATE initiative.

The overarching goal was to strengthen the understanding of the first ACCLIMATE cohort in climate and clean energy policies. By enhancing their knowledge, the workshop aimed to enable these organisations to seamlessly integrate climate considerations into their operations. This initiative reflects Shakti’s commitment to fostering a more resilient and sustainable future, laying the foundation for impactful climate action from the grassroots up.