World Environment Day 2024

To mark World Environment Day 2024, Shakti launched a campaign #ShaktiForEnvironment to spread awareness and information about the challenges and solutions of climate change. A showreel capturing efforts and thoughts of Shakti team members was a ‘call to action’ for all to join us in our journey towards a sustainable future.  Video messages posted on our Social Media platforms by senior team members from various programmes – Nidhi Madan; Amit Kumar Parihar; Manu Maudgal; Sachin Kumar and Atima Mankotia shared Shakti’s commitment towards environment solutions.

At Shakti office, we celebrated World Environment Day with two activities. Cleaning for Green that encouraged team members to rid of waste from their work space – recyclable and non-recyclable  – and put it into the two cartons provided for this. The idea was to learn that ‘less is more’ and we can manage our work by using much less.  A Pledge Board invited everyone to write their ‘personal pledges’ towards a greener, cleaner future. Shakti team,   a conscientious bunch of people, not just understands the threat of climate change but is always actively working towards overcoming these challenges.