Advancing Power Sector Reforms in Maharashtra

Undertaken By: World Institute of Sustainable Energy,    Recent Publication: 2020

The power sector in India is transitioning rapidly, and stakeholders are continuously attempting to minimize revenue losses, improve quality of supply, meet emerging customer expectations, and achieve better environmental performance. To achieve these goals, it is necessary to facilitate the implementation of new policies and frameworks to make the electricity sector, and particularly the distribution sector, more viable. Interventions at the state-level can directly improve the performance of distribution companies, leading to greater gains for the sector.

In the future, customers are expected to play an important role in the strategic interventions enacted by discoms. With consumers becoming more knowledgeable and willing to engage in the processes, it is important for discoms to look at deepening their relationship with them via smarter systems. This can be achieved through digitalization which can provide reliable and robust information on assets, behaviour, demand etc that can be leveraged to create value for everyone.

This initiative aims to increase digitalization and improve customer experience in Maharashtra, starting from application initiation, connection setup, metering, billing, fault rectification to disconnection.