Assessing Capacity-Building Needs for India’s Climate Actions

Undertaken By: Council on Energy, Environment and Water,    Recent Publication: 2019

For India to be a part of a global governance structure that effectively responds to the threat of climate change, it is essential to have consensus among key domestic stakeholders on the need for India to develop a low-carbon economy. This requires identifying opportunities that demonstrate the advantages of pursuing low-carbon growth pathways in the country and help India meet its climate change commitments. One such opportunity is to build necessary institutional capacity that enables India to take effective climate change actions and achieve its Nationally Determined Contributions (NDCs).

A comprehensive analysis to identify the existing gaps and emerging needs on capacity-building in India is therefore essential, as is an assessment of the support needed through the UNFCCC or other sources. This can inform the establishment of a streamlined process on capacity-building at the national and sub-national levels, enable India to effectively communicate and mobilise the support required, as well as implement its capacity-building efforts effectively.