Financing the Decentralised Renewable Energy Sector in India

Undertaken By: cKinetics,    Recent Publication: 2020

Over the last few years, decentralized renewable energy (DRE) solutions have witnessed an increased uptake and support from developers, investors and policymakers. This has resulted in the emergence of businesses that are at various stages of evolution ranging from start-ups to established energy enterprises. Additionally, introduction of innovative policies and programs and the launch of large scale catalytic efforts by the donor agencies have provided the much-needed push to this sector. There are several policies/programs, such as Saubhagya, KUSUM, etc. which may have had a significant influence on the growth of the DRE market.

Tracking the financing options available for the Indian DRE sector, particularly relating to the nature and form of capital available, investment trends in the recent past, and capital needs both at project and sector levels, can help stakeholders understand the financial needs of the sector and construct more informed roadmaps for attracting investments into the sector.