India’s Power Outlook Series

Undertaken By: Vasudha Foundation,    Recent Publication: 2021

India’s power sector has been evolving rapidly over the last few years, with several new developments on policy, programs, targets and achievements. Planning, implementation, monitoring of efforts and operations of the power system have become complex and necessitate strong data analytics.

Today, various power sector institutions generate and publish data and information daily. For example, state load dispatch centres (SLDCs) publish hourly demand met during a day. The Central Electricity Regulatory Commission produces a monthly and annual reports on short-term transactions of electricity. The Central Electricity Authority (CEA) publishes daily and monthly electricity generation reports. While an enormous amount of data is available, it is scattered and can be difficult to use in its existing form. For instance, the CEA reports provide data points which need to be analysed to draw inferences and conclusions. The analysis provided by private market intelligence companies and data analytics firms is often subscription-based.

India’s Power Outlook Series is a set of three open-access volumes on the power sector in India which give readers a comprehensive overview of the sector.