Inter Model Comparison of Different Transportation-Sector Policies in India

Undertaken By: Multiple,    Recent Publication: 2019

The transportation sector is one of India’s major energy consuming sectors. As the country’s GDP grows, it will lead to heightened transport activity for moving passengers and freight by the way of rapid motorisation. This will lead to a concomitant rise in energy and Greenhouse Gas (GHG) emissions from the transport sector as a whole. Thus, there exists significant potential for decarbonising the Indian transport sector by designing and implementing effective policy measures towards this end.

Therefore, it is critical for the country’s policy makers to take into consideration the nature and extent of impact that the various transport sector policies would have on energy, economy and environment to ensure that their decision making is well informed.For doing so, an in-depth assessment of different transport sector policies is an imperative and in this context, the integrated energy-economy-environment models aid in decision making of the policy makers.