Landscape Assessment of State-Level Climate Financing Options

Undertaken By: Society for Development Alternatives,    Recent Publication: 2020

State governments in India have well-defined development goals that are met through a variety of programs and investments in social and economic initiatives, infrastructure, industrialization, capacity development etc. Meeting these priorities in a climate-friendly manner requires a greater quantum of investments as compared to investments in standard models of development. There are a variety of climate finance investment options available for state governments to tap into. However, progress in this space is hampered by a number of roadblocks – the most prominent of which is low awareness of (and ability to tap into) funds available to support a state’s climate-based investments. By increasing state government actors’ awareness of the qualifying criteria for these finance pools, infrastructure and industrial development projects can be strategically tweaked in a manner that invites low-cost funding.

This initiative assesses the external climate financing sources (both public and private) that are available to any state in India by identifying, comparing, and evaluating existing databases and initiatives that track finance flows at the state level for climate action.