Low-Cost Air Quality Monitors in 50 Indian Cities to Provide Real Time and Credible Air Quality Data

Undertaken By: Respirer Living Sciences, Skymet Weather Services ,    Recent Publication: 2020

Cities need good quality data on pollution levels, affected areas, sources and related information to be able to design strong air quality management plans. But a number of Indian cities are still outside the ambit of air quality monitoring, whereas other cities (like New Delhi) have a disproportionately high number of real-time air quality monitoring stations. Increasing the availability of air quality data and making it accessible for all is an important step. Shakti is helping to close the information gap by funding the establishment of two independent low-cost ambient air quality monitoring networks, which will provide real-time measurement of PM 2.5. Combined, the two networks comprise 250 low-cost monitors in more than 50 cities and towns to provide real time and credible air quality data that can help enhance public awareness of the rising levels of air pollution as well as inform policies for better air quality management.

Respirer Living Sciences has established a network of 50 monitors across several cities. The air quality of these cities is monitored regularly, and periodic reports prepared which evaluate and analyse long-term trends like temporal analytics, diurnal trends, calendar visualization and data availability. A live dashboard is maintained by Respirer that provides real-time data of the air quality in the city in question.

Skymet Weather Services has a network of 200 monitors. The data-feed provided by these networks can be accessed via their live web-based dashboard and their mobile application .