Strengthening the Regulatory Environment for Urban Transport

Undertaken By: Multiple,    Recent Publication: 2019

Public transport systems (i.e. buses, metros, suburban rail) are, for the most part, unable to meet the mobility demand in Indian cities. As a result, the ownership of private vehicles (such as cars and two-wheelers) has increased significantly. This in turn has led to more congestion and travel time, worsening air quality and increase in GHG emissions from transport sector. One of the many reasons for this situation is institutional fragmentation in the delivery of urban transport systems. Our review of various agencies governing at the central, state and city level has revealed that while there may be policies promoting mobility of people than vehicles, there are no laws, rules or mandates that ensure its implementation. This initiative explores the idea of introducing a regulator in the transport sector that is responsible for the planning and implementation of sustainable mobility projects in an urban area.