Long-Term Modelling Pathways to Achieve India’s Energy and Net-Zero Goals

New Delhi, December 23, 2021. Shakti Sustainable Energy Foundation signed a Statement of Intent (SoI) with NITI Aayog to develop modelling pathways that can support India’s energy and net zero emissions transition.

Addressing the climate crisis requires immediate and sustained action to eliminate net global GHG emissions by mid-century—and this presents a transformational opportunity for India and the world. But what are the development pathways that India must put in place in the next few years to turn this new climate ambition into a sustainable development paradigm? What are the changes required at the sectoral level, at the local level and how can this transition be just and inclusive? There are many potential pathways to get there.

This collaboration will provides modelling and analysis that begin to answer some of these questions. It is intended to focus on setting up a modelling unit, advancing energy data management and energy dashboards, and creating a geospatial energy map for India. Shakti will work with the NITI Aayog – India Climate and Energy Modelling Forum (ICEMF), which brings together experts, think tanks, researchers modellers and policy makers to examine important climate, energy and environment related issues and their economic linkages, through integrated modelling exercises.

Shakti as a member of the steering committee of the ICEMF, is bringing in national and international research institutions with systems modelling and analysis expertise, in order to understand the economic implications of extreme and slow-onset climate events. Shakti will also provide technical support to host a webinar series that will deep-dive into India’s net-zero strategy as a commitment of the Panchamrit or “five elixirs.”

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