India’s Green Finance Landscape: Increasing Momentum and Opportunity

November 16, 2022 by admin_shakti

In September 2019, India announced its target to reach 450 GW of renewable energy generation by 2030, making it one of the most ambitious targets in the world. The country will require ₹162.5 thousand crores ($2.5 trillion) from 2015 to 2030, a requirement of roughly ₹11 thousand crores ($170 billion) per year to finance its renewable energy goals and other climate actions. Yet we are currently far short of that finance goal, despite the tremendous opportunities abundant throughout India.

In this 90-minute virtual event, CPI will launch and present the latest findings from the ‘Landscape of Green Finance in India’, which measures public and private sources of green capital in India. This event brings together stakeholders across the green sector, to discuss the economic and financial climate progress India has made so far, and to deliberate on how we can best bring about a transformational change in the short amount of time we have left to realise India’s green future. This report has been supported by Shakti Sustainable Energy Foundation.