Shakti at COP26:
Moving Towards a
Net Zero Future

Jointly developing the COP26 Charter of Actions to advance climate action and ambition in the country and globally.

Powering the Future
with Innovation

How we generate and consume energy will decide the future we are moving towards.

Shakti Sustainable Energy Foundation is an enabler for clean energy and sustainability solutions. We work with policy makers, civil society, think tanks, academia and industry to identify and scale energy system interventions that will reduce GHG emissions to align with a net zero future and address the climate crisis.

Why Energy And Climate?

Energy and climate change are at the forefront of the many challenges being faced by India today. India is one of the fastest growing economies in the world. At the core of this growth is the question of energy - more precisely our overall energy consumption and our reliance on fossil fuels - which has led to rising GHG emissions and a warming climate. The resulting impact on climate poses severe risks for India’s economy, ecosystems and human health.


Impact Stories

Indian Railways Adopts Form-Based Codes for Station Redevelopment

India’s rail network is a significant growth engine for our economy, and its expansion must be aligned with robust decarbonisation strategies. The Railways has embarked on an ambitious 100 per cent electrification…


The Puducherry Pathfinder:
Lighting a Sustainable Future for India

Nearly a decade ago, the potential for energy saving through an efficient lighting program in India was huge and untouched—over 50 billion kWh in annual savings, which could deliver financial savings of USD 250 billion to consumers…


A Collaborative Approach to Clean Cooling

With heat waves sweeping across Indian cities, the need for cooling solutions is more urgent than ever. India’s cooling demand is projected to grow...


India’s global leadership in solar

With the right investment and policy support, solar energy has the potential to boost economic development, empower millions of people and avert the climate crises...


India’s Push for Cold Chain Technology

Author: Interview with Dr Sachin Kumar, Director, Shakti, July 1, 2024

First Published in Revolve.Media, Interview for Sustainable India 2024 The loss of agricultural produce due to inadequate cold chain infrastructure in India contributes to food insecurity, greenhouse gas emissions and wasted water, labor and energy. Boosting the capacity of mobile and static cold chain technology can address these issues and generate millions of new jobs. […]


Enhancing Economic Growth and Sustainable Development in India

Author: Divya Bawa

Climate-focused Project Preparation and Bid-process Management Facility for Cities

Author: Vivek Chandran

Keeping it Local: Key to Scaling Up Climate Finance Reforms

Author: Kartikey Sharma